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Clearing the Way: A Beginner’s Guide to Skip Hire in Glasgow

Updated: Jul 10

Skip hire is a beneficial option in many contexts, especially when large volumes of waste are concerned. Often favoured for those needing a specific solution to their disposal or clearance, the right vehicle skips, mini skips or mid-sized on-site skips can save a whole lot of bother.


If you’re searching for the right company for your job based in Glasgow, then you’re certainly in the right place - with this detailed guide likely to provide the tips, tricks and solid advice required to source your ideal skip hire company. Let the industry experts at Newtown Skip Hire provide the information you need to excel.

Why Hire?

As with any hire service, there are of course numerous benefits to opting for the temporary acquisition of skips. Hire offers something completely different to waste collection, allowing you the freedom to deal with your waste as you see fit. Skips of course come in a variety of sizes and applications too, as not everyone requires the same type when it comes to waste removal.


Also of benefit, hire professionals are well trained in overseeing the entire waste removal process, saving time for you to focus on other tasks. Sorting through waste and disposing of it in a sustainable manner takes away crucial hours - so why not leave it to us once your skip has been filled and collected?

Suitable Skip Options

Providing flexible options for your choice of skip, Newtown Skip Hire cater to assorted commercial and domestic clients with a transparent process - so you can select the exact type you need, as well as the number of skips you require, before agreeing on pricing and terms. Below are just a few common skip types and the situations in which they may be useful:

Smaller Skips

Smaller skips may be necessary for domestic and commercial jobs in some instances, and we can offer 6-8 cubic yard skips or more practical mini skips, typically for these tasks involving quite a bit of rubble.


Perfect for a small kitchen or bathroom refurbishment job, skips of this size can typically hold the equivalent of up to 50 bin bags of waste, and can easily be stored beside a road, or on a driveway in most instances. This makes our range of smaller skips a desirable option for those wanting an organised and uncomplicated method of disposal.


Mid-Size Skips

Mid-sized skips within our range at Newtown Skip Hire are great for DIY or building projects, for example completely clearing a room of excess items, or to be used as storage during a complex refurbishment. A size you would still see fairly frequently just off residential streets, common uses include shop refits and office clearances.


Only slightly larger than our comparable mini skips, in some cases the larger dimensions may mean local councils don’t allow 10-14 yard skips to be located on the road, though our team can discuss this limitation with you before you decide to hire.

Large Vehicle Skips

What sets us apart from some competitors is that we can offer extremely large vehicle skips for your projects - with the option for (at the very top end of the scale) 32 tonne roll-on/off lorries if necessary. The advantages of using skip lorries are their efficiency and versatility, seamlessly transporting large quantities of waste or debris in a single trip, reducing the number of journeys required to remove this awkward load.


Used most commonly in construction, demolition and landscaping for the removal and transportation of excess waste, we’ll happily discuss hiring multiple skip vehicles to your company if this is a requirement of your job.


Sourcing Professionals

Glasgow is a thriving location for plenty of trades, and with such a famous industrial history, it’s little wonder that waste disposal is required throughout the city. Opting for a reliable company to oversee this important process is well within your interests - with some of the key criteria to consider listed below:

Quality Of Service

Though every single waste disposal and skip hire company you come across will likely claim to offer an outstanding service, this is unfortunately not always the case. You can often tell the professionals from the rest by the way they present themselves, as well as longevity and the weight their name carries.


It is essential that you use a fully certified and licensed waste carrier to avoid significant fines and legal cases. Newtown Skip Hire are fully accredited and ready to serve Motherwell, Glasgow and the wider Central Belt area - be it for same day skip hire or unique commercial skip hire services.


Flexibility means that your chosen provider will be receptive to your needs, not only offering a single set-in-stone service, but making adjustments for what you need, and when you need it.


At Newtown Skip Hire, waste management, site clearance and collection of trade waste are all options, as well as the provision of large skip transporter vehicles such as roll-on/off lorries. Save time and money by paying for the services you need, all provided by the same friendly team.

Local Reputation

Local reputation means a lot, and if, like us, you spend time researching the organisation you want to work with before you pay them for a specific service, you’re on the right track.


We’re held in high regard by our many returning customers, with a team set in place that always take the time out to ensure those we work with are completely satisfied. Founded in 2006, many of our staff members have been with us long-term, meaning you’re sure to bump into a friendly face.

Reliable skip hire infographic

Efficient Waste Management

Newtown Skip Hire in Motherwell is the premier waste disposal and skip hire choice throughout Lanarkshire and the Central Belt. Offering a great range of skips for hire and effective waste removal services for close to two decades, we’re fully licensed and accredited.


Accreditation includes the Chartered Institution of Waste Management, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, and UROC. By choosing us, you can rest easy knowing that your site waste is going to the right place, and all disposal is fully compliant with UK and Scottish law.

Newtown Skip Hire: Skip Hire Services And Same Day Skip Hire

Conveniently located in Motherwell, we cover the whole Central Belt area of Scotland, owning a modern fleet of lorries ranging from 7.5 tonne mini skips to 32 tonne roll-on/off lorries. Our state of the art MRF machinery ensures we can recycle well above government targets - making us both sustainable and efficient.


Found yourself searching for ‘skip hire glasgow’? As well as serving Motherwell and other prominent local areas, we’re able to travel to your location as soon as you need us. Our waste management services are available for domestic, commercial and industrial use at any scale from small house clearances to larger clearance operations, so contact us for all your requirements in 2024 and beyond.

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